The Diplomacy Center Foundation (DCF) is committed to partnering with the United States Department of State in creating the United States Diplomacy Center (USDC) to present the history, practices and challenges of American diplomacy to the public.

About the Diplomacy Center Foundation

Benjamin Franklin, one of our first diplomats who himself was an immigrant and an instrumental Founding Father of our great nation, also innovated the public-private partnerships where government and individuals and businesses work together to build colleges and universities, museums and other facilities to improve life for our citizens. The United States Department of State and the Diplomacy Center Foundation are embracing the public-private partnership to create the United States Diplomacy Center as a gift to the public.

The idea for this unique structure on American diplomacy was the vision of Ambassador Stephen Low and Senator Charles “Mac” Mathias, Maryland.

Diplomacy and Education

Programs developed to broaden high school and college students’ understanding of the importance of American diplomacy.


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