Legacy Ministers

The Legacy Ministers initiative is a special gift appeal to retired and active career foreign service and civil service in foreign affairs agencies—State, Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Treasury, and the Peace Corps.  We invite you to be a part of it and help build the United States Diplomacy Center. Please see the brochure for program details and benefits.  

A 3- to 5-year pledge with specific annual payments can be arranged for the following gift levels.

Grand Donors $50,000 and above
Principal Donors $25,000 and above
Donors $10,000 and above

Current Donors

Grand Donors

Mr. James T. L. Dandridge II

Principal Donors

Hon. William A. Courtney 
Hon. Robert A. Mandell 
Hon. Robert D. Stuart, Jr.


Aliance of America
Hon. Sally Cowal
The Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Foundation
Richard Lounsbery Foundation
Hon. Leonard H. Marks
Hon. John D. Negroponte

For more information, please contact Ambassador Roman Popadiuk (Ret.), VP DCF

Cell: 202-408-1007
Office: 301-775-1991