Founding Ambassadors

The Founding Ambassadors of the Diplomacy Center Foundation are members of the presidentially appointed U.S. diplomatic community who have joined together to provide a substantial financial contribution to build the United States¬†Diplomacy Center. Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, Ambassador Stuart A. Bernstein, (Ret.) spearhead the Founding Ambassadors program and serve on the Diplomacy Center Foundation’s¬†Board of Directors. This appeal to the generosity and patriotism of former diplomats and their families has, to date, generated $7.6 million from 63 participants to sponsor the Founding Ambassadors Concourse, located beneath Hall 1 in the new glass Pavilion.

As leaders of the American diplomatic family, Founding Ambassadors are dedicated to developing national recognition of American diplomacy, which is our first line of defense in the security of our nation and advances the prosperity of all Americans. Founding Ambassadors will be invited to Diplomacy Center Foundation special events and United Stated Diplomacy Center programs including conferences, lectures and symposia, which promote a broader appreciation of American diplomacy.

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